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Antique Furniture Restoration

The artisan woodworkers at Final Touch Finishing, Inc. are knowledgeable on the particulars of time periods and furniture construction styles of certain eras. Our exceptional skills, experienced craftsmanship and passion for our work set us apart from others in the antique restoration industry.

For more than 25 years Final Touch Finishing, Inc. has established a solid reputation for repairing, restoring and refinishing fine pieces of treasured antique furniture.

Our experienced craftsmen are masters at restoring antiques, heirlooms, and wooden furniture to their ­­original state, or better, to retain their quality and value.

Using the best products on today’s market to strip and refinish the wood, you can be assured that your furniture is handled properly and preserved against further deterioration.

Why throw out your older, well-made, quality furniture that you paid good money for? While new furniture prices can be attractive, for the most part they really are of inferior quality, craftsmanship and durability. Older, quality furniture consists of hard wood frames, coil springs, horsehair stuffing, quality workmanship. This is what lasts.

Don’t trash your treasures. New, depot and big-box store bought items are generally made with plywood, low density foam, strapping, and use cheap, inexperienced labour resulting in low-quality workmanship. Just think of assembly lines that go for bonuses and speed instead of QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP.

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Our Services:

Antique furniture restoration
Antique furniture refinishing
Period replacement hardware
Hardwood replacement
Hand stripping and sanding
Staining, sealing, filling, and lacquering
Color patina preservation
Color patina preservation

Painting and antiquing
Oil and waxing
Trunk restoration
Carving restoration
Chair bottoms
Color matching